The girl behind the camera

Thank you and Welcome to my Blog!!

A little bit about me!  I LOVE my family, my daughter’s ringlet curls, my son’s smile, my husband’s eyes, yoga, biking, triathlons, scuba diving, hiking, skiing, orchids, dove chocolates and the sound of rain on a metal roof. The beach makes me feel at home. I like swings, swimming pools and sprinklers because they remind me of my childhood.

I received my first camera when I was three years old and I photographed my new baby brother.  Let’s just say I have always loved taking newborn shots.  My favorite photographs have always been the unexpected, moments captured that are pure and innocent. Photographs freeze time!  Babies and Children grow up so fast and their expressions today could change by tomorrow.  Given the chance I would love to capture your moments, unexpected and the intentional smile!I

My Great Grandma once told me that “Family is everything!” I hold these words close to my heart and live by them every day! I am very fortunate to have a wonderful supportive husband and two beautiful children whom I adore.

I love photography, one of my passions is capturing special moments that can be treasured for years to come. I am starting a 365 Day Project that will allow me to capture some moments in my everyday life. These photographs will be a collection of things that catch my eye and inspire me to grab my camera. I plan to share in this journey with you right here on my blog!  



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