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Day 14 – Japanese Sunflower

This is a Tithonia diversifolia also known as the Japanese Sunflower. A very dear friend and I went for a walk in the rain yesterday and saw this beautiful flower along the way.  If you have never walked in the rain it is truly an invigorating experience, I would highly recommend it.  I didn’t have my camera on our walk, for obvious reasons, so after I dropped the kids off at school this morning I went back to get a picture for today’s post.

Day 14 - Japanese Sunflower logo

Day 12 – Oak Tree

My daughter has really enjoyed helping me find some of the subjects to photograph for this blog.  Tonight the sun was setting quickly and we decided to take a walk to the pond in our neighborhood to see if we saw anything that captured our eyes.  We both agreed that this oak tree has probably made a nice home for many birds and squirrels over the years. Day 12 - Oak Tree Logo

Day 11 – Truffula Tree

This morning my daughter and I  got to spend some quality time together as I ran and she set the pace by riding her bike with me.  We had a nice morning and saw many butterflies, birds and different kind of plants along the way.  While we were walking together afterwards for a cool down we came across this Mimosa Strigillosa, but If you have seen Disney’s movie The Lorax you will get the reference to “Truffula Tree”.  We instantly saw this plant and felt we had discovered the last Truffula Tree from the movie!  😉

Day 11 - Truffula Tree logo

Day 6 – Guitar

Original artwork by Nick Ales

I love the color photo but I love the black and white too.  I am enjoying this 365 Project more than I ever thought.  Everyday is an adventure to find inspiration.  I saw my sisters guitar and just needed to photograph it.  Day 6 Guitar Logo Day 6 Guitar BW Logo

Day 5 – Jellies In Bloom

IMG_2655 logoJellies In Bloom by Nicholemoranda

What a breathtaking sculpture!  One of my favorite artists and friends has created this masterpiece and has it on display for all to enjoy.  While I was in the park today taking in the art that was displayed there was a nice breeze that just made this sculpture come alive!

IMG_2662 LogoJellies In Bloom by Nicholemoranda