Monthly Archives: April 2015

Day 3 – American Flag

I drive by this huge amazing American Flag everyday.  It always looks so beautiful flying in the sky so today I decided to stop on the side of the road and capture it’s beauty. I am so glad I did.  A storm was rolling in and the sun was covered by the clouds but a small sun burst shone through the stormy sky just as I snapped this photo.Day 3 Logo

Day 1 – Passion

Passion by definition is a strong and barely controllable emotion.  Everyone has passions and the journey to find out what your passionate about is ongoing.  Some passions are immediate  and others evolve over time.  One of my passions is capturing everyday moments in photographs.  When looking at a photograph or image, you essentially are looking back at a memory.  You remember a person, event, time, place, feeling, or sound and that triggers an emotion within.

I am starting a journey over the next 365 days that  will capture images of everyday Real Life.

Lunch Date

Lunch Date

I had the pleasure of having a lunch date with this lovely little girl today.